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[CCNA] Configuring SSH

It’s not an easy way to configure your device using the console port each time, however you’ll use the Telnet or SSH to access to your device remotely, but Telnet is not secure at all, for this, configuring the SSH on your Cisco device is so important.

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[How-To] Automounting Home Directories with NIS and NFS

This writeup was done on Debian Server and Ubuntu Desktop. Our goal is to automounting home directories using NIS, NFS and autofs.

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[How-To] Installing and Configuring NIS

The Network Information Service (NIS), utilizes daemons and a database to provide centralized authentication in a client-server architecture for Linux. It’s similar to the way the Active Directory provides centralized authentication for Windows clients in a Microsoft network. You only need to create, configure and modify objects ONCE on the NIS server. Those changes are then implemented on ALL your NIS clients.

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[How-To] Installing and Configuring NFS

The NFS (Network File System) protocol allows a system to share directories and files with others over a network (Unix and Linux envirenments).

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