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[CCNA] Port Security Configuration

In this lab, a hub has been connected to interface Fa0/1 of Switch 1. It is an 8-port hub but only 5 hosts are allowed to connect to it. The administrator wants to ensure that only 5 hosts can connect. PC-1 and PC-2 along with any 3 other hosts can connect to the hub.

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[OverTheWire] Krypton Level 2

So, it’s level 2 on Krypton Wargame, today we’ll work with substitution cipher, the Caesar Cipher.

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[OverTheWire] Krypton Level 1

For this level, it’s fairly introductory, we’re supposed to work with substitution cipher – which is characters are replaced with other characters or with symboles – the ROT13 as an example.

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[OverTheWire] Krypton Level 0

The 1st level from Krypton Wargame is simple and easy, we need only to decode a Base64 password to get access to the next level.

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[OverTheWire] Krypton Wargame

Recently, I started playing Krypton Wargame from the guys over at OverTheWire, this wargame cares knowledge on the science of encrypting and decrypting data (cryptography).

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