If you want to learn the capitals of all the countries, this small quiz is your best choice, that it can help you to improve your culture about capitals.

خلــق المسلم، تطبيق إسلامي يتحدّث عن أخلاق المسلم من كتابات الشيخ سلطان بن عبدالله العمري المشرف على موقع: يــا له من دين.إمام وخطيب جامع الملك عبدالعزيز بتبوك

AskWiki is a python package for querying WikiPedia in any language from your python application.

zsh is an improvement upon bash, it makes Terminal easier to use. In this tuts, we’ll get a look how to install zsh and oh-my-zsh.

This function allows you to create a directory on the user home directory.

Last time, I was configuring VSFTP on Debian, really I don’t know what happened but I deleted the vsftpd.conf file :’(. For this I published this quick tips, to how restore the deleted config file.

Une grammaire LL(1) permet d’effectuer une analyse descendante déterministe en considérant uniquement le symbole courant de la phrase à analyser.


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